Monday, August 13, 2007

Download File with Visual Basic

My.Computer.Network namespace provides the DownloadFile method which can be used for downloading a remote file to a specific location.

The basic syntax for calling DownloadFile method is to specify the file's location as a string or URI and the location to store the file as seen below:

My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile("", "c:\docs\readme.txt")

The overloaded methods allow you to specify more advanced parameter like timeout, username & password for protected file. The example below downloads password protected file.

My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile("", "c:\docs\readme.txt", "myusername", "mypassword")

Note that FTP protocol is used by the DownloadFile method to send information including username & password in plain text. It should not be used to transmit sensitive information.

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