Monday, August 20, 2007

Configure Interface - Cisco vs. Procurve

In Cisco IOS, you can switch from one interface from another real easy. The Interface command moves you from one interface to another without having to Exit every time you configure an interface.

With Procurve switch, you don't have the same kind of flexibility. Everytime you configure an interface, you would need to Exit out to Configuration mode before you can enter another interface.

Let look at this example on a Cisco switch:

Int g0/1
desc "IBA LAN"
Int g0/2
desc "ESV LAN"

That's perfectly legal on the Cisco IOS. Now configure that on a Procurve switch:

Int g0/1
name "IBA LAN"
Int g0/2
name "ESV LAN"

If you miss Exit command, you'll received an "Invalid Input" error because you can not go to a different interface from within an interface. I never like this approach and prefer the shortcut where you enter two commands on one single line. Not only it cuts out the Exit command but keeps you in the Config mode.

Int g0/1 name "IBA LAN"
Int g0/2 name "ESV LAN"


Anonymous said...

I would disagree on your comment. Within the ProCurve switches you can change from an interface context to another interface context without any problems, so no need to exit your way all the way out to the config level for example
ProCurve Switch 2848(eth-1)# name test
ProCurve Switch 2848(eth-1)# int 2
ProCurve Switch 2848(eth-2)# int 1
ProCurve Switch 2848(eth-1)# no name

Brian Dao said...

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your comment. I notice that you are using 2848. I am running these commands on 5412zl and getting the invalid input error.

Maybe it's not supported on the 5400 series or in K.12.02 that I am running? Any take on this?

But on my part I did verify it before I post the blog and again after I received your comment.

Brian Dao

jaredfaulkner said...

It is possible to switch interfaces on the fly on the 5412zl. I'm running K.14.41.