Thursday, August 30, 2007

Disable Windows Error Reporting

Every now and then I run into one of these application or system error that pops up the Error Reporting dialog box. This is one way Microsoft is getting the feedback from users on how well (or not) their software is performing or interacting with other applications and improve their products.

This is fine with me but sometimes, it gets really annoying when the same error keeps occurring and you have to report, wait and then close the dialog box or choose not to report it. To get rid of this headache once and for all, you can turn off this feature completely.

1. Launch System Properties dialog box
2. Click on Advanced Tab
3. Click on Error Reporting button
4. Select "Disable error reporting" radio button
5. Click OK twice to exit

You can launch System Properties dialog box through the Control Panel or by Right Click on My Computer then select Properties. Another way to bring it up is to press the [Windows][Break] key combinations.

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