Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cisco Switch - TFTP IOS Upgrade

Update, Copy, Backup, Restore IOS and startup-config are pretty much done in the same manner. First, you've got to configure the switch and the PC to talk then run the TFTP or FTP server and start the copy process.

Let's walk though how you can update Cisco IOS on a 6500.

Router> enable
Router# configure terminal
Router(config)# interface gig 9/1
Router(config-int)# switchport
Router(config-int)# switchport mode access
Router(config-int)# switchport access vlan 1
Router(config-int)# no shutdown
Router(config-int)# exit

At this point, we have turn port 9/1 into a layer 2 port on vlan 1. Now we need to assign an ip address to this default vlan so we can communicate to it.

Router(config)# interface vlan 1
Router(config-int)# ip address
Router(config-int)# no shutdown
Router(config-int)# exit

The next thing we need to do is to configure the network adapter on your PC or laptop and give it an address that's on the same network as the switch. In this case, I set it to be

Plug in the cable from the PC to the port we just configured; and to make sure the PC can talk to the 6500 we can try pinging it:

Router(config)# do ping

If you have a successful ping reply then you should be good to go. Launch the TFTP server and start the copy process. To copy from data from TFTP server to the switch use:

Router# copy tftp: disk0:

After you issue either of this command, you will be prompted for the FTFP server address and filename. Enter and the filename you want to copy, then confirm it to start the copy process.

And to copy data from flash to FTFP server use the command:

Router# copy disk0: tftp:

If you are copying a rather large file then you should use FTP instead of TFTP and issue the command:

Router# copy FTP: Disk0:

I have run into some issue while moving a large file to the Cisco 6509. See this blog for more details.


Ramesh said...


I come to know about your blog while searching in Google about one info. Your blog contains lot of useful information for the people in Netwoking field. Thanks for providing such information.

I have one problem. When I copy the IOS from a Cisco 2600 series router to a TFTP server in local machine, it is getting copied for sometime and then it stops. ie) !!!!!!!!........ and then times out. Could you pls give me a resolution for this.

Thanks in advance.


Ramesh said...

Above query was published by me. If possible could you please reply me on ssrameshindia@yahoo.com

Lonnie said...

Ramesh, I believe your problem is going to be that you are using the SolarWinds TFTP server which has a nasty habit of timing out on large file transfers. I got around this issue by simply using a different tftp server. TFTPD32 is a good choice.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

i was wondering if anyone could help, i have two Cisco Cat 3750's, one with ios 12.1 and one with out after it was deleted by mistake

could someone please post how to copy one IOS to the other.
i will need to use xmodem i beleive as they are fibre switches.


hendrik said...

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