Sunday, February 28, 2010

Earlier this week, I released a suite of Windows network troubleshooting utilities called Pinkie through a website named

Everything went well. The public seems to welcome it and as I monitor the statistics for the site as well as the download counts from other download sites, I realized that something is wrong with my site statistics; the numbers don't match up and my number came up short.

As I found out, if people download the Pinkie through the link on my site then the download count is incremented. But if they had download it from other sites, using the URL I had published then the download is not accounted for.

Changing the published URL for all other sites will be time consuming so I was looking for a better solution to the issue. Then I remember 2.0 supports URL Mappings. So by using URL Mappings, within a minute or two, my problem is solved.

Here's the syntax for URL Mappings:

<add url="~/newurl.aspx" mappedurl="~/oldURL.aspx"></add>

Best use for URL Mappings are for shortening long, hard to remember URL to something short & easy to remember or in my case, correct a mistake and save time.


Anonymous said...


Pinkie is a great project! Thank's
How can I register?

I think that would be cool to have more workspaces with save option, and also a custom IP space.
Your e-mail from ipuptime is bad...

Have a nice day!

Brian Dao said...

To register Pinkie, do the following:

1. Run the application
2. Click Help - Software Registration
3. Fill out name, email, company...
4. Click Register